The Fourth Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Socialism

Anthropological Perspectives on
New Social and Cultural Divisions in East / Central Europe

The conference was hosted by:
The East / Central Europe Research Group
at The Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, April 20-22 2002
and the Nordic and East / Central European Network for Qualitative Social Research (NECEN)

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Keynote lectures
Elites in Soviet and post-Soviet societies Matonyte, Irmina ENG 114 K
Sarma and Identity in the Balkans Mihailescu, Vintila ENG  
Keynote papers
"Contested Identity", or "Ethnic War"? The Endurance Test in the Republic of Macedonia Schwartz, Jonathan ENG 42 K
Weak States, Uncivil Societies and Thousands of NGOs: Western Democracy Export as Benevolent Colonialism in the Balkans Sampson, Steven ENG 47 K
Workshop papers

Channels of agency. Money and magic in contemporary Russia

Lindquist, Galina

ENG 21 K
Changes in the system of values, national identity image changes in post-Soviet Belarus Korshuk, Alena V. ENG 21 K
Cultural networks and mediating elites. A very unfinished model of the informal circulation of cultural values in the Soviet Union, with some questions about the post-Soviet situation Nielsen, Finn Sivert ENG 30 K
The Democratic Trinity Doctrine Larsson, Mimi ENG 37 K

Diverging ideas of an emerging profession. Representing the journalistic community in post-socialist Romania

Larssen, Urban ENG 36 K
Enlightenment Ideology of the 19th century and Forming of the Attitude to Reading the Bible in Contemporary Russian Village Melnikova, Katya ENG 19 K
The Estonians’ Adaptation to New Cultural Realities: lessons from the history Aarelaid-Tart, Aili ENG 48 K

Ethnically based conflicts on post-socialist space: Causes and alternatives

Patchenkov, Oleg

ENG 24 K
Formal Estonian Business Culture and Informal Networks. Love, friendship, and contacts among Norwegian and Estonian business people in the 1990s Partapuoli, Kari Helene ENG 41 K
Gender and identity of two generations of Czech émigrés in Denmark: Analysis of the Dominant narratives of the Babinec network Skodová, Lenka ENG 29 K

Good journalism - is to serve truth and democracy

Murray, Katya

ENG 33 K
Informal Credit, Money and Time in the Romanian Countryside Chelcea, Liviu ENG 28 K
Is there anything new about good connections, 'blat' and corruption? The experiences of small female entrepreneurs Jensen, Dorte Bjerregaard ENG 19 K
The Landscape of Knowledge: A Discussion of the Construction of Shamanistic Knowledge among Rural and Urban Tuvans Kristensen, Benedikte Møller ENG 30 K

Latvian-Azande Parallel: Corruption as witchcraft for Latvia during the transition

Sedlenieks, Klavs ENG 30 K
The life stories of the human rights NGO activists and (g)local public spaces in post-Soviet Russia: moving from 'personal' to 'political' Jagudina, Zaira ENG 72 K
Networking into a business career: New generation of Russian managers Shmulyar, Oksana ENG 151 K
Personal Success Stories in the Estonian Press Toomere, Tuuli ENG 80 K

Power in places and politics in Altai

Halemba, Agnieszka

ENG 32 K
The Role of Television in Everyday Life of the Family in Serbia Vukanovich, Maša ENG 67 K
The Strategic Usage of Nationalism Popova, Zora ENG 38 K
A strong local partner Sejerøe, Anders ENG 36 K