The Second Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Socialism

The Anthropology of Post-Socialism

The conference was hosted by:
The East / Central Europe Research Group
at The Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, April 12-14 1996

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Workshop papers
Democracy in Kyrgyzstan - Reforms, Rhetorics and Realities * Boehm, Christian ENG 28 K
Metaforer for endring: En ungarsk bedriftsorganisasjon i forandring * Bye, Rolf NO 35 K
The painful past retold: Social memory in Azerbaijan and Gagauzia * Demirdirek, Hülya ENG 29 K
German memory and identity on both sides of the Oder-Neisse Fure, Jorunn Sem ENG 41 K
Transition in practice: Political discourse and market patterns in Vilnius, Lithuania * Larsen, Pernille ENG 46 K
They Are Not Us: Intra-Ethnic Differentiation among Western, Eastern and Local Latvians * Mortensen, Mari-Ann Herloff ENG 35 K
Pure Relationships: The Search for Love among Hungarian Academic Women * Olsen, Maj ENG 30 K
Roots and Cyberspace: Linking the Ruthenian Diaspora * Papuga, Daniel Winfree ENG 20 K
The Past is a Lost Country: Family Narratives among Ethnic Russians in Latvia * Rosengaard, Camilla ENG 25 K
The Post-Communist Body: Beauty and Aerobics in Romania * Svendsen, Mette Nordahl ENG 36 K
Reversed Diaspora: Russian Jewry, the Transition in Russia and the Migration to Israel * Trier, Tom ENG 50 K