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The International Conference on Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction: Lessons From Eastern India.
Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, 25-27 September 2001
The Fourth Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Socialism.
Anthropological Perspectives on New Social and Cultural Divisions in East / Central Europe.
Copenhagen, Denmark, April 20-22 2002
Conference homepage:
The Second Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Socialism.
The Anthropology of Post-Socialism.
Copenhagen, Denmark, April 12-14 1996
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Book pages

Mellom himmel og jord: Tradisjoner, teorier og tendenser i sosialantropologien.
Finn Sivert Nielsen og Olaf H. Smedal:
Bergen: Fagbokforlaget, 2000: 

Til verdens ende og tilbake: Antropologiens historie.
Thomas Hylland Eriksen og Finn Sivert Nielsen:
Bergen: Fagbokforlaget, 2002: 


A History of Anthropology.
Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Finn Sivert Nielsen:
London: Pluto Press, 2001:

Jordens folk: Etnografisk tidsskrift.
Dansk etnografisk forening, Århus og København
Course papers
The fourth semester qualitative methods course.
Student papers from the innovative methods course developed at the Institute of anthropology, Copenhagen University, where students conduct 3-4 weeks of fieldwork, mostly in Danish localities. The papers focus on methodological problems, but also give interesting empirical insights into undocumented local settings.
Course homepage, Spring 2004:
MA theses
Scandinavian MA theses in Socio-Cultural Anthropology.
Fieldwork-based theses produced by students at Danish and Norwegian universities. The theses range from the classical magistergrad format (300 pages or more) to modern MA formats (100-150 pages), are based on 4-18 months of fieldwork and offer unique empirical documentation of sociocultural conditions in a wide variety of localities around the world.