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Latest additions
Recent texts include the full text of Finn Sivert Nielsen's 1986 monograph on Russian identity and Soviet nation building (the first and only fieldwork-based anthropological study to have been conducted by a Western scholar in an urban Soviet setting); Maja Hojer's elegant discussion of the Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg; Christopher Freudenberg's classical exercise in comparison from 1970 (an early reaction to Barth's theory of ethnicity); Christian Krohn-Hansen and Halvard Vike's authoritative introduction to political anthropology; Benedikte Kristensen's fascinating thesis on traditional Tuvan shamanism, the nomadic landscape and her unusual fieldwork experiences; Petia Mankova's sensitive study of everyday economic relations in a Northern Russian village; Mimi Larsson's succinct analysis of the politics of the Telecottage movement in Hungary; and also texts from Hong Kong, Greenland, Ethiopia, Australia, Cuba, New Zealand, Peru, Tibet etc. ... (read more)

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