Plate 8-1 Old-age ritual

Plate 8-2 Guthi ritual
Observing the final 10 year death ritual of a former member

Plate 8-3 Same as 8-2

Plate 8-4 The wedding ceremony performed at the groom's family temple
The bride kisses the groom's feet. The Nayghubaju is seen to the left

Plate 8-5 Dining with the groom's family

Plate 8-6 The wedding presents from the bride's family

Plate 8-7 The bride relaxes with her friends and family

Plate 8-8 The bride receives gifts and gives betel nuts in return

Plate 8-9 It is time for the bride to leave her family and go to live with her new husband

Plate 8-10 The Khumbeswor festival
Annual festival in the temple area enclosed by Khadgi settlements